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May is Skin Cancer Awareness Month.

Let’s work together to stop skin cancer in it’s tracks.

Recently I discovered another questionable lesion on my nose. So I scheduled an appointment with the dermatologist.

Here’s the outcome:

Dr: “What brings you here today, I see you were just here in December?”

Me: “Yes, Dr. that is correct, but I detected a change in the tissue on the bridge of my nose and wanted to be checked again for precaution.”

Dr: “No worries, let’s have a look. You know most people don’t feel any changes. Did someone point this out to you?”

Me: “I am an esthetician and trained in Oncology Treatments, the training included a large seminar and discussion on lesions and what to look for. So when I felt the change I knew to come in ASAP.”

Dr: “Very good, it’s looks like we will need to remove this. I have to tell you, the esthetician is the first line of defense to letting clients know something has changed or is not normal. I appreciate your training and all that you bring to your field and clients.”

Me: “Thank you, it means a lot to me when a dermatologist can recognize our work and training is more than fluff or vanity.”

So it doesn’t have to be about vanity to see me for a mini facial. Feel free to just come in for an evaluation to see if you should be concerned regarding any lesions on your face. Let me be your first line of defense!

May is Skincancer awareness month!

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