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Now Available

Facial Sculpting has arrived at REJUVENATE Sanctuary.

This amazing treatment is Natural and Non-invasive skincare treatment.

Newly Developed Technology for immediate and lasting Facial Results. Our new Facial Cupping Machine works with Extracellular Matrix to Sculpt, Smooth and Lift. Turn back time and prevent the first signs of aging by energizing and detoxing the skin.


Our unique and patented Diamond Cupping Machine is based on the ancient technique of cupping. Cupping’s focus is on moving Lymph or Lymphatic fluid more freely through our extracellular matrix and facial muscles, which in turn will help the Lymphatic and Blood Vessels work more efficiently to clear toxins from the body. The results are stunning with improved circulation in the face as well as, smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles. One noticeable outcome that I didn’t expect was a feeling of well-being which is a direct result of the Cupping Technique we use. Removing toxins offers you a state of peace and calm.


The Extracellular Matrix is a filter system made up of connective tissue, lymphatic fluid and is the filter of all products going in or out of the cells. The matrix, therefore, is where stagnation develops from the build up of congestion around the skin cells. Our Facial Sculpting Machine is unique in its ability to clear the matrix through Acupressure Techniques combined with modern technology. Toxins which can block the filter system of the matrix leads to congestion and stagnation. Our Facial Sculpting Machine causes the movement of the matrix fluid which helps to relieve the blockages and congestion. This rich and pampering experience, warm and sensual treatment which is beneficial to the matrix and rejuvenating to the skin.



All Natural ~ No Redness ~ No Pain ~ Well-being Treatment ~ Long Lasting ~ Detoxification         


Collagen Activation ~ Sculpts, Tones & Lifts ~ Treats Puffy Eyes ~ Smooths The Skin ~ Hydrates & Plumb ~ Lymphatic Drainage 

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