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Thank you Sue for a wonderful facial this morning, my face feels amazing! I look forward to my next Rejuvenate Sanctuary experience. See you again soon Ms. K 3/6/13


I love Rejuvenate Sanctuary!! I have learned so much and becoming more educated with every newsletter. Thank you, Sue, for sharing your knowledge. Ms. R 5/23/13


Trip to Rejuvenate Sanctuary for a facial, just what the doctor ordered for the end of the year. Thank you Sue, I feel rejuvenated. Happy New Year, see you soon. Ms. C 12/31/14


Whether I am getting my eyebrows waxed, having a vibration treatment,or a meditation group, REJUVENATE SPA allows me the personal ,professional service I require for my SELFCARING, Thanks Sue Bonito Mr. D 3/1/15


Had the most wonderful facial today. I would recommend REJUVENATE Sanctuary and Sue Bonito to anyone who need to get a facial. They do such amazing and professional work. Ms. VD 8/12/15


Reiki has been a part of my life since 2007 when I encountered it by sheer coincidence after meeting Sue and looking for a non-medical modality. I’ve used Reiki for to relieve everything from stress and pain and swelling from arthritis to supporting overall health and energy balancing. Reiki always goes where it’s needed! Most recently I underwent adult stem cell injections (my own cells) in my arthritic knee. While waiting for the stem cells to do their thing I’m using Reiki to help support the healing process. I highly recommend this healing modality as I truly believe energy medicine is the modality of the future. - Ms. B 10/25/15


Wow. I had my first reiki treatment for an active autoimmune disease. I was short of breath and in a lot of pain. I left without pain and minimal shortness of breath. I have been desperate to find relief and I did in Sue Bonito's capable hands. This spa is loving and capable and I will definitely return. Ms. D 2/11/16


I can not explain the feeling of calm, peace and goodness that this sanctuary offers. Sue Bonito has created a unique space which offers natural beauty treatments as well as alternative healing modalities I can personally speak to the Reiki treatments she gives. I was not a believer but was desperate to feel better. I am now a believer because she is the only person who has helped me have some relief of my symptoms and she truly cares. I believe she is helping me assist in healing my chronic autoimmune disease with the reiki treatments. I'm so glad I opened my mind to her healing ways. Ms. D 3/23/16

Sue, my face is so smooth and looks so beautiful. I hardly notice my blemishes. Your microdermabrasion worked wonders. I also loved my hands in the heated gloves. Wow-marvelous! 
I cannot believe I fell asleep while Liz was working on my feet! Great massage!
Your new makeup line, Aneley, is fantastic! I have been receiving so many compliments on how terrific my skin and face look. What a difference. 
Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!! Ms. R 6/27/16


Sue is extremely professional and has experience that shows years of training and dedication. I have been very selective in choosing my professional and I can assure anyone that Sue is the best in what she does in her field and is very customer focused. Sue's products are top quality and I for one can share that the product makes a difference in a waxing. I have been happy going to Sue's business for many years. The services and products Sue provides are consistent and I am a very satisfied customer every time. If you are a guy.  I can assure any guy that Sue provides a great wax service. You will not be dis-appointed. DG 7/1/16

Dear Sue, Just wanted you to know that the massage I received from Liz was super!  I fell asleep during the process. Friends told me that this is a sign of a great masseuse!  I am looking forward to my next session with her!    JR. 7/5/16

Sue, “Excellent service and a very calming…” SG. 2/19/17

Dear Sue,

Thank you for this memorable, relaxing and rejuvenating facial.  What a difference it made!!  I love looking in the mirror. My face is beaming and the dark spot so much lighter.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart. BR 6/4/17



Hi Sue & Wendy:


I just want to say thank you! What a wonderful experience a Rejuvenate Sanctuary. I so enjoyed the facial and learning new information about my skin including being able to use an exfoliator. I tried the epicurean sample you gave me this morning and I'm enjoying the results.


Thanks again - I'll be back and will certainly recommend you to friends.


Best - SL. 7/16/17

Again had a wonderful experience at Rejuvenate Sanctuary Spa. Excellent care and attention.


Thank you. SL  8/20/17

Ashley is thee best! My face sculpturing experience with her was lovely. My skin never looked this good.  MC 9/10/17

Hi Sue and staff,


Hope all is well.  Thank you again for taking me the other day when  you were just returning from your vacation.  After getting my hair cut and styled for a wedding and an upcoming vacation, i looked at myself in the mirror and said 'l need to get sculptured'...and immediately left the hair salon and called you.  I was really happy that I had the treatment done, felt great, younger with self confidence and i would say it lasted about 3 weeks!  I'm so excited that I will definitely do this more often! MC 11/1/17

Good morning,

Nice touch and thank you for your kind and competent treatments for my granddaughter and myself.

JC 11/1/17


Let me first say what a pleasure it was to meet you and Julianna today. You are, hands down, one of the most knowledgeable spa owners and Esthetician I have ever met." NL  3/1/18

II had my second Sculpting Facial with Sue on Wednesday. I love how my skin looks firmer and lifted. I saw results right away !! I can't imagine how good it will look after a few more!!! I went to work right after my Sculpting facial and I received may compliments. Sue has been helping me with my skin for years now and she always customizes what is needed to give my skin that extra boost.  KK, 8/31/18

Thank you Sue, another fabulous job. Love seeing you and walking out feeling great. See you soon, JC, 8/31/18

Thank sue!  It was spectacular, KT 11/17/18 

Another awesome facial. Thank you Sue,  JC 11/18/18

it was the best yet! JL 12/2/18

Oh my goodness thank you. I felt so much better when I got my sculpting facial. Have a wonderful new year and safe trip. See you soon.  JC 12/28/18


As always my face looks and feels great. THANK YOU JC 1/25/19


Hi Sue!


My skin looks beautiful! I am using the samples, I will follow up. LS 2/20/19

I cant begin to tell you how much better I feel. Thank you. My husband came home from his trip and kept telling me how beautiful my face looks.  It’s amazing how wonderful the sculpting facial works. I’m so blessed and thankful that you are the person behind those tools. See you soon. JC 2/23/19

I have to say I was shocked at seeing a reduction in cellulite and an increase in my skin's elasticity as soon as my arm treatment was over. 

The overall appearance of my very problem spot was dramatically improved after just one session. I am now going to combine the rm treatment with 

a thigh treatment as well. This one is nothing short of miraculous! Thx Sue! 3/26/29 JH

I have been battling acne since my adolescent years. Visiting numerous Dermatologist, purchasing every gimmick on the shelf at stores and on the television. I have had several acne treating facials that have left me worse than before I walked in including my face looking like a tomato. I am currently in my 40’s and completely fed up with suffering from acne. 

Ever since I started enjoying facials at Rejuvenate Sanctuary I have seen a huge difference in my acne, age lines and wrinkles. Not only am I getting treatments that are working I’m also getting educated on the do’s and dont’s of products, food and other ingredients I put into my body. The Holistic & Reki touch keeps me coming back for the serenity the spa offers.  4/2/19 KM

Thank you and as aways I feel and look like a million bucks when I leave your place.  Not only do you make me look good but love your kindness and knowledge.  5/29/19 JC

As always you never disappoint me. Amazing    Results. Thank you 6/17/19 JC

really enjoy coming there. The services are great and it is very peaceful and relaxing


Thank you for everything you do. 10/3/19 GP

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