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Sue is a Licensed Esthetician with a specialty in Oncology Esthetics® She obtained her certification through a global oncology spa care pioneer called Oncology Training International (OTI).


Her caring personality is able to customize any skincare session assisting you to enhance, soothe, hydrate and protect your skin as you move through cancer treatment and in your recovery. Her specialties include an evaluation of your skin, organic product selection that will be calming, reducing sensitivity and providing you with a relaxing atmosphere for the ultimate retreat.  Our environment is in compliance with all OSHA standards and Universal Sanitary Precautions. As a Reiki Master with 18 years of experience, she can also incorporate Reiki into the session for a complete treatment of your body, spirit and mind; that will bring you clarity and peace.


Considered by many healthcare professionals to be one of the most challenging diseases to work with, different forms of cancer are increasingly affecting the world’s population. Although Western medicine has made great strides in treating cancer, many believe that complementary therapies play an important role in their healing process.


Because of the ‘belief’ that massage may encourage the spread of cancer cells, various complementary healthcare and spa practitioners have taken a hands-off approach to cancer in favor of safety. However, it has been proven that massage is safe, professionally trained estheticians now offer safe modifications to help a person battling cancer.


Since 2008, the esthetician’s role in working on people with cancer has shifted from a distinct prohibition to an emerging specialty. While no respectful practice should suggest that their modifications supersedes a physician’s advice, pairing certain complementary health approaches with medical treatment can have tremendous positive benefits for the patient.

Esthetics, broken down into various components of more researched modalities such as massage; aromatherapy; LED; corrective make-up, psycho-social can be highly effective in helping manage the restlessness, anxiety and stress associated with conventional cancer treatment.  However, as with anything of therapeutic value, there are some amazing potential interactions for the patient experiencing safe spa services and traditional cancer treatment.

*Provided by Morag Currin, OTI

I like to listen. I have learned a great deal from listening carefully. Most people never listen.

Ernest Hemingway

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