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At REJUVENATE Sanctuary, we feature Organic Products with the emphasis on Restorative Health Philosophies. Our experiences offer a vast selection of Skincare options for your face, body and inner well being. REJUVENATE Sanctuary delivers result driven treatments; while striving to serve your complete needs with exceptional customizable treatments and customer service. My wish to be a part of the healing one person at a time.

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Skincare Treatments: starting at $100.00

Waxing: prices vary due to hair concentration per client

Reiki: starting at $100.00





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Sue Bonito

Sue Bonito, licensed Aesthetician with a specialty in Oncology Esthetics®, Reiki Practitioner Teacher and owner of REJUVENATE Sanctuary, is a client-centric practitioner who specializes in restorative beauty treatments using botanical based products. In her Westwood spa, Sue's calling promotes wellness through restorative practices. In 2020, Sue has been given the highest honor and been asked to teach Esthetics 2 days/week at a local school allowing her to share her knowledge and expertise with the upcoming Estheticians, but also be challenged by their questions and needs.


Sue has taken a synergistic approach to her practice, utilizing the knowledge she’s gained from attaining a degree in horticulture to increase the effectiveness of each treatment. Sue’s customizing practice is unique, as she has found the affinity between botanicals and skin balance to curtail the signs of aging, environmental impact, to encourage real and lasting effects leading to a renewing, harmonizing experience. In 2004, Sue opened her first spa in New City, NY; her family encountered a medical tragedy and she closed her spa to focus on the family. In 2011, she reopened her practice in Westwood, NJ.


Clients can expect treatments that are rejuvenating, uplifting, and balancing. Sue offers an assortment of facials based each guest’s skin requirements. Other services provided are Microdermabrasion, Chemical Peels, Microcurrent and LED Therapy, all with complimentary botanical facials using the signature line  Epicuren Discovery®. Rounding out Sue's services are waxing and Reiki.


Sue is a Reiki Master Teacher/Practitioner of the Usui System of Natural Healing, Practitioner/Teacher of Jikiden Reiki. Sue's first initiation into Reiki was in 1999. Her lifelong passion is to support people in the transformation of their personal and inner well-being.


Giving back to the community is extremely important to Sue, so she volunteers her time and services to those in need. She has volunteered with The Girl Scouts of America; American Red Cross - Disaster Response; was the Designer, Coordinator, and Project Manager of the American Patriot Garden Project at the 9 1 1 Memorial of Haverstraw Bay Park, Haverstraw, NY; and has volunteered her Reiki services for United Hospice of Rockland, New City, NY. Sue feels her life is continually blessed by service to others. Currently, Sue is offering Reiki at Brookdale of Emerson Senior Living.


Sue believes that balance and maintenance of our magnificent bodies allow us to live long and happy lives.

In an effort to always provide the best to all, we welcome like minded practitioners to rent space from us. This will enhance the well being of both practices and serve many more people on a path of total health.

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