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Reiki and Emotional Healing

Many of you have reported to me anxiety, panic attacks, and emotional distress.

While I will never pretend to be the end all solution to these common human issues, I do have a few suggestions to ease the discomfort.

Reiki can help with emotional imbalances. My Reiki sessions start at the head. According to my Human Brain Book, by Rita Carter, emotions are centered in the Amygdala, The Frontal Cortex and Limbic Systems of the Brain. Rita uses this definition to describe emotions: “Emotions may seem to be conscious feeling, but they are, in fact, Inner Motions - physiological responses to stimuli, designed to push us away from danger and toward reward. Emotions are being generated constantly, but much of the time we are unaware of them.”

I do spend time focusing on balancing the distortion in the brain first before I move onto the core of the body. The Amygdala according to Rita, is an “unconscious emotional system as it retains the primitive automatic responses of primitive life. An emotion is usually transient and arises in response to the thoughts, activities, and social situations of the day.”

Reiki will balance distortions by allowing for increased blood flow in the area being treated. The result is enhanced well being, a boost to your immunity and being proactive towards maintaining good health throughout your body, spirit and mind.

Some of the following suggestions have worked for others, as well as, myself.

The first step in healing is to remove stimulants from your diet.

Caffeine, Chocolate, Alcohol, Tobacco and Sugar.

Next add breathing exercises to your daily routine. Practice 3x’s/day.

A nice App with guided exercises is Insight Timer in your App store.

Add exercise into your life. You don’t have to be a gym rat to exercise. Go outside and walk! Start by going up your block, then gradually add to the walk by increasing the distance each week.

Learn to meditate. Insight Timer has guided meditations as well as unguided meditations to get you started. I have a meditation I produced at my first spa. Feel free to email me for more information on a private mediation session.

As always I am here to assist you anyway I can to further your general well being.

Click here to contact me. Be well, Sue

Reiki will boost Emotional Health

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