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Let's talk about Energy!

Recently I attended a Skincare conference in NYC. While there the presenters used exercises to help us center ourselves. There was a lot of talk about energy and what to do with negativity that surrounds us.

This prompted me to give some feedback on my experiences over the weekend.

Albert Einstein did speak about the relationship between matter and energy. The following quote is from a 1948 film called “Atomic Physics”

“Everything is energy and that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality.” ...

So here we learn that we are energetic as human beings with the ability to interact between each other. My hosts over the weekend believe that you can absorb negativity from another. We have all experienced the person we get near and we feel the negativity pouring off them. So the response is to move away, likewise can be said with someone too happy. If we are not in that mindset we will also move away. This is a response to energy, however, this is a not an absorption of energy. It is an acknowledgment that the energy is uncomfortable for us in that moment in time!

To say we absorb energy to me is to say we have no control of what interacts with us on a daily basis and this would be erroneous. You have the power as a human being to protect yourself from environmental, mental and physical bombardment. I will point out that years of not protecting yourself can and will wear your bodies defenses down.The solution are daily skills that will enhance your journey here on earth.

Let’s start with meditation and breathing. Sit comfortably in a chair with your feet flat on the floor. Take your hands and place them 2 fingers below your rib cage. This is the Solar Plexus. Breathe in the nose and out the mouth. Repeat 4 deep breathes. Repeat 4 more times but this sequence force the exhale out the mouth with a phew noise. So it is 8 breathes total. Breathing tips for this exercise: These should be long sustained breathes so the oxygen can exchange with your lungs. Fill your lungs totally and exhale totally.

Breathing exercises keep you present in your moment and not in anyone else’s moment.

The next exercise has to do with grounding. So just how do we ground. Envision yourself encircling yourself in a bubble of light. Start at the head and spiral the light down towards your feet.

Another method of grounding is to imagine yourself like a tree. Your head is the canopy and your feet are the roots. Now visualize yourself moving your feet into the soil and ground yourself to the earth.

My next grounding exercise many of you already know.

Imagine you are at a private beach. Take your beach chair and place it close to the water so the waves can touch the bottom of your feet. Focus on your breathing gently inhaling and exhaling. When you find your rhythm synchronize the inhale with the waves coming up and touching your feet. As you exhale allow the waves to go back out to the sea. Continue to breathe imagining the ocean revitalizing you.

All these methods will work to allow you to feel centered, ground and be present within yourself.

Be watchful of human conditions that can interfere with our spiritual fitness. In our daily lives we are bombarded with media showing us how to be judgmental, unsupportive, gossip and have expectations which are based on our experience. Everyone is having their own journey and we need to rise above the rhetoric so we can not only live at peace but be at peace.

I am always available for you to come in and we can practice. 😄

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