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Frustration, Nurture and self love all in one day.

How does it feel to have to constantly defend your position to someone? Frustrating? Overwhelming? Helpless? Hopeless? Draining?

These are only a few emotions that come up when we are put in a position of being condescended towards. Recently I had an altercation via phone with NY Healthcare over my insurance. When I hung up I experienced so many emotions it was hard to say what fit for the first 12 hours.

Today I want to talk about the resolution of these feelings.

My first step was to identify what was fact and what was the boogieman as I say. The fact was I was not harmed physically, emotionally or spiritually. The woman was doing her job, reading her script and having no emotion regarding the case at all. This might be where I might have lost it. She lacked empathy, compassion and any sort of humanness in the situation.

As soon as I hung up the phone I went to my exercise equipment and rode my Elliptical to Canada! Figuratively. I moved a muscle to change my thoughts. I continued reading my book The Great Alone to refocus my mind on something else.

I called a friend and just vented for a few minutes and it was suggested I looked for gratefulness. GREAT IDEA! So I hung up and told my husband I was grateful I could fix the situation in 6 hours. I still don’t like the outcome but I have to put my rattle away and realize folks have it much worse than me.

I did some self Reiki, finished my book (which was fabulous I might add) and went to bed early for a good nights sleep. I did wake up with an emotional hangover but really what had happened is all my issues had been triggered by an insensitive person in a bureaucratic job. I do not know what she listens to each day or deals with. I must humble myself and be true to you that I get upset too when I feel victimized. What is important is I do with it.

I wrote letters to representatives of Congress and The Senate in NY and explained my tale. It’s not a victory of winning that is important it is being heard. So give your voices to your causes. Let people know you have passion. Share your opinions even if others disagree. Nurture yourself with resolutions that represent your values. Find avenues for self care and practice them before you need them! The pathway I took I’ve used before and know for me what works.

I share this tale to let you know everyone of us has something that rocks us. If you are living you can’t avoid these things. Email me if you need assistance in finding your voice or self care therapies that work for you. Sue

Self Love is important part of living.

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