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Spiritual Development vs Physical Development using Reiki

The body is an amazing system that has many components that assist us in life and function. While we are compromised of viscera, blood, breath, bones, brain we also have a spiritual depth that is within each of us.

Many of you ask me the difference between these 2 realms so I will try my best to give you my answer to this complex question.

The spiritual realm is our connection within the universe. It can be a connection to a power outside of yourself or the feeling that you are never alone and always have a connection with something or someone greater than yourself. This connection takes place within our hearts and the core of our minds. So it isn’t surprising when I work on these areas you may feel an “out of body experience” as some of you have reported to me. The key is to continue to ground yourself so you don't go to far off into spacial extremities.

The physical realm is the experience our bodies are having on a physical level whether it is pain, depression, anxiety, inflammation or illness. Reiki will help the physical body to heal itself. During the session the client will absorb Reiki from me into their body systems causing a vasodilation effect. This increase in blood flow will carry the nutrients of healing like oxygen and water. When the body has increased blood circulation the systems can reset themselves to optimal levels that work for you. While volunteering this week at Brookdale Center for Senior Living, Ms. P said she was so excited I was finally here to remove the Goblins from her belly so she could feel better. She is one of many that report Reiki helps with the physical body in the healing of itself!

Reiki allows the individual to be restored to what is optimal for your individual journey and situation.

Feel free to call or email to ask if Reiki is right for your situation. Sue

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