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So you might be asking what is Facial Mapping?

It is a philosophy used by Estheticians to determine the cause of Skin Conditions from internal sources or organs.

Skin is the largest detoxifying organ of your body. So what goes into the body if toxic to that individual shows up through their skin. The assumption that all acne is hormonal is just untrue.

We have very complex organic systems. Did you know yeast commonly referred to as Candida in the gut and digestive systems can exhibit itself on the forehead and cheeks. Hormonal imbalances can flair on the chin and around the mouth. Also, inflammation around the mouth may also be signs of constipation.

Maybe you have dark circles under your eyes? Or dry patches on your eyelids. These can be signs of imbalances also, perhaps from too much caffeine, stimulants or stress! Some conditions of the eyes are genetic, such as dark circles, so treatment would only be minimal with Eye Serums.

These are only a few of checklist items to be observed by your Esthetician to help solve your skin issues.

I am always available for a free consultation to discover how to repair your skin issues not only with education and knowledge, but with a one on one discovery of what is happening within your body systems presenting on your skin.

Reply to this email or call me at 201-666-2600 to schedule your consultation today!

Facial Mapping

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