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Girls can support one another.

So many events have happened in the last week that it encourages me to write! Earlier in the week I was told the last time we met I was dressed like a diva. YIKES! I thought wow that was harsh. Then during in the week as I worked a couple of the girls kept talking about how they were uncomfortable with their dress, with their shorts, with their bodies, with their face, and I thought wow why are we all shaming ourselves and others.

If you are reading this I want you to ask why is it necessary for us to put ourselves down. Why is it necessary as a society for us to judge how people look? I am comfortable wearing a dress, skirt or pants. I have nothing to hide as a 58 year old woman. There are things I wouldn’t wear because I honesty believe there is age appropriate dress. And to dress within your age group is sexy, feminine and freeing. I have trouble with exposed derrière but that's my thing and it isn't my place to judge someone who is comfortable doing it.

We have all kinds of icons out there music, film, celebrity that wear all kinds of things that draw public attention. We have decided as a society it is OK because they are a public figure. Although I have seen the same scrutinizing from the media when a celebrity is just over the top, but if he or she is comfortable with themselves good for them.

So here's what I want to say: embrace yourself - embrace your individuality! There is a grace to you standing up for your vision of yourself personally, professionally, and sexually. I'm proud to be feminine! I wasn't always this way. It's a gift to be comfortable in your own shoes, and shine with what makes you unique. I believe we need to empower our younger generations to be OK with who they are. So how do we do that what? We offer grace with compliments, smiles, celebrate, and encourage one another. Inspire one another be part of of the gifts each person is individually.

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