Welcome to REJUVENATE Sanctuary


Organic Spa

~ Welcome to REJUVENATE Sanctuary

An Organic Skincare and Inner Wellness Clinic 


RESTORE-RENEW-REVITALIZE with Natural and Restorative Skincare and Inner Wellness needs. 


I am announcing my reopening!

I have relocated to Elizabethton, Tn.  As One of the top Organic Spas in Bergen County, NJ, I am honored to bring my uncompromising quality and exceptional customer service to you of Elizabethton to renew your health and healing potential through mind, body and spirit.

I will be teaching Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday.

My email address will remain the same in case anyone needs to reach me for product sales in NY, NJ or TN.

Thank you for all the wonderful years as my clients




Awaiting my opening date!