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Strike a balance with Acne

No matter what age you are acne can impact the quality of your life. It tells you scary thoughts that this is forever, no one will look at you and worse yet. All they see is that Z** on my face!

Acne has many contributing sources such as hormones, dairy, sugar, and in some cases gluten, environment, stress and free radical damage. All these have their contributing factors towards acne if you are predisposed to this condition. These factors can cause an inflammatory response to your largest organ, the skin. These responses are just starting to be understood in the medical community. Acne is an inflammatory response of the skin.

Hormones are in all of us, but only some of us experience acne related to hormones. Acne has a complex biologic equation called retention hyperkeratosis, dead skin cells sticking together at an accelerated rate and clogging the pore along with other follicular debris causing impaction within the pore leading to an inflammatory condition of the skin: Acne! So the factors listed above can add to this condition more than cause it.

As a client you have been tempted to extract the lesion on your own. The term extraction in my world means, “technique of manually removing impurities and comedones from the follicle.”, Milady’s Skincare.

So my techniques are well established over years of licensed clinical experience. With you the client the risk of spreading bacteria, pushing bacteria deeper into the follicle or perhaps damaging the surrounding tissue could be the outcome of trying these things on your own.

The solution is multi-tiered and requires a thorough analysis to find the truth for your acne. Acne is not a one size fits all situations. Working with an Esthetician to solve the situation takes time and patience. Having faith that this condition is temporary can be resolved with treatments, home care products and cooperation between us. Continual communication and the commitment we make to each other for an acne free complexion are the rewards daily.

Everyday our industry learns more about acne causes and solutions. I search for the best solutions to meet your needs.

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