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Reiki and The power of your body!

I want to share a story about a individual I had the pleasure to work with. Client X mentioned to me they had an upper respitory infection that just wouldn't go away. The person wanted Reiki to move the cold along.

Me: "How long have you been coughing like this?

Client x, "5-6 Months"

Me: "Didn't you see your Dr.?"

X: "Yes nothing is helping. I have nothing to loose by trying this"

Me: "Do you remember anything special that happened 5-6 months ago emotionally in your life?"

X: "Yes, my 46 Year Old Son moved back home and is having some problems"

Me: "So you are holding this in your body"

X: "Yes, and I don't sleep now, because since his return home I am starting to relive my childhood, which wasn't pleasant. So I made a decision to sleep as little as possible, so I do not have to relive it"

Me: "Well I hope you can start to receive some relief from the Reiki, as the human body requires sleep to function properly. Your Immune System is not happy with your decision."

The body is amazing at holding us back from our growth. When we choose to ignore our emotions whether yesterday or a lifetime ago - eventually the emotion slips into the physical and we begin to breakdown physically.

Reiki is wonderful at helping to release these long held onto emotions. By receiving a treatment the physical self as well as the emotional self will experience a new peace.

Reiki's goal is restore our bodies to it's original state which is balance and peace. So if you are experiencing physical discomfort and reoccuring physical problems, Reiki can help you to achieve balance and peace.

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