Diane Kappes, Reiki Practitioner, seeking inner peace and self healing was first Introduced to Reiki by receiving a treatment at REJUVENATE Sanctuary. She always had an interest in Reiki, as she is a RYT certified Stone Yoga teacher and registered National Yoga Alliance instructor. She was first introduced to yoga at a time in her life when she needed to focus on her own well being. Yoga and Reiki have had profound personal results on her life so much so that she wanted to deepen her practice, therefore, attended Stone Center for Yoga and Health's Yoga Teacher Training program in 2011, as well as, pursuing certifications in the Usui Technique of Natural Healing for Reiki I and Reiki II, training with Sue Bonito. Recently, Diane deepening her Reiki practice became Certified in Jikiden Reiki I (Okuden) and Jikiden Reiki II (Shoden) training with Frank Arjava Petter. Her experience with Jikiden reiki has been a powerful one on all levels.


Diane practices in a kind and gentle manner only for the highest good of the client. She is extremely excited to enter into this journey and be a part of the team at REJUVENATE Sanctuary. Her passion as a practitioner to aid the client reach the highest level of personal health compliments our wellness philosophy, with this as, a base Diane will be leading our Meditaion Nights each month.


She recently reached her 12 year anniversary with her 9-5 employer where she is the Benefits & Administration Team Lead and Chairperson for the company's Wellness Program promoting wellness across the organization. Making Strides Against Breast Cancer is an organization she holds dear and has been supporting for over 14 years. She resides in Bergen County with her husband and two Beagles. "It is exciting to know that this journey can go where ever your heart wants to take it. There is no end."

Diane Kappes